Caixa IU

Software development with Sérgio and Nelson for Caixa IU brand activation at Super Bock Super Rock and MEO Sudoeste. The software captures photos from a digital camera. The photos are processed and resized and than a logo is applied. The photos are sent to a printer, to a server and to Caixa IU’s Facebook Fans Page.
Mentioned at Imagens de Marca.


This is an Interactive Darts game. It uses webcam to detect motion, and when the user makes a swing it measures the motion intensity and it throws the dart to the board. The height of the dart is proportional to the users activity level (motion intensity). If you hit the bullseye you’ll hear a crowd clapping and cheering. The next step is to apply some sines and cosines logic to implement scores.

This game was designed by Zé da Luz and conceived and programmed entirely by João Belchior.

Alcatel Interactive Wall

The setup is a webcam, a computer and a video projector. The webcam detects passing users and the application determines the x and y values in the space wich will then influence what is beeing projected. When there’s no activity the application will switch to standby mode. When someone appears in the webcam’s field of view the application randomly loads one of the interactive contents. There’s also a settings pannel to adjust contrast, brightness, blur, tracking sensitivity and some other switches…
This application can be seen at the Alcatel-Lucent facilities in Cascais.

This interactive wall was conceived, designed and programmed entirely by João Belchior.